Why now is the best time ever to create your printed cotton shopping bags

Why now is the best time ever to create your printed cotton shopping bags

It is common knowledge that carrier bags are the absolute “bee’s-knees” of advertising. They are the epitome of mobile branding, retailers judge their success by the amount of competitors’ bags seen in the malls or on the high street. It is true to say that some bags have reached iconic status – think the black on yellow of the Selfridges bag or the fact that Bloomingdales in New York actually have a section where you can just buy their “Big Brown Bag”. Of all the promotions available to businesses a well-designed bag is the most cost effective.

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However, the paper based carriers of the stores are expensive and are not built to last consequently supermarkets and shops that deal in “low ticket” items have for years provided free plastic bags to their customers in full knowledge that, primarily, they will be disposed of as soon as they have been emptied.

The problem is that plastic bags are a massive environmental and social hazard. It is estimated that in the UK alone we used approximately 8.5 billion in 2014.

Plastic bags consume resources, including oil, in their creation. According to some studies, up to 100 million barrels of oil are needed to make the world’s plastic bags each year. Yet typical usage of a plastic bag is just 20 minutes!

They are a hazard to wild life. Plastic bags can choke or poison fish, animals and birds, with marine wildlife particularly vulnerable.

Councils complain that they’re a major litter problem and as Defra says, “Even when disposed of responsibly, plastic bags can last for long periods of time in landfill sites.” In the UK, some 16,000 tonnes of waste is sent to landfill each year – where, according to campaigners, the plastic bags can take 1,000 years to decompose.

In order to curb this wasteful, dangerous and unsightly issue in October 2015 the Government introduced a 5p charge on all disposable bags.


This may not seem much but consider this – an average weekly shop will use 6 bags consequently the annual cost could be in excess of £16.

There is a simple solution though. Printed cotton shopping bags! Canvas and cotton bags are easy to print with corporate logos and messages. They are relatively inexpensive and will far outlast either plastic or even laminated paper bags. They are environmentally friendly using natural fibres and the icing on the cake is that when your customers continue to use your personalised bags they are advertising your company even if they are toting another company’s products.


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