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Sophisticated scents with a full product solution? KeepMe makes sense!


Sophisticated scents with a full product solution? KeepMe makes sense!


Launching in 2015 Rozaya is a luxury perfume brand aimed at the sophisticated woman. Developed by two sisters, the initial fragrances symbolise their characters, along with their mother Adrianna. Three fragrances to appeal to a distinctly different character, bound by sophistication. We were requested by the client to develop 3 fragrances and provide 10ml, 50ml and 100ml solutions for each of the fragrances. The brief was “Aztec”, “Niche” and “High End”.


The program commenced with Logo design, style guide and colour palettes. We engaged existing perfumer contacts to begin work alongside the client for the 3 fragrances. In-house at our UK location, we designed and created 3D samples for each required component - bottles, caps, cradles and sprays. Following the approval of the prototypes, we switched to large scale production through our China office, where we turned around manufacture within 3 months including pre production samples.


The creation of a 10ml purse spray and 100ml bottle with unique metal cradle. The high end finish required electroplating to ensure a precise colour for each SKU. In order to gather quick momentum we created 50 samples of each SKU outside of the mass production manufacturing to be delivered to PR contacts globally. These samples included vial cards, brochures, POS etc. A team of 4 were integral in the creation, manufacture and delivery of 10k units per SKU.


May 26, 2015