Prodir – DS9

Prodir – DS9

DS9 push button ballpen. Its form varies from the roundness of the tip to the oval-shaped push button. The large printing surface on the clip, vivid colour range and high-quality Mix & Match options provide lots of opportunity for creative individualisation. Metal nose cone, metal button and ring available at extra cost.

The consciously added highlights catch the eye. Viewing the new DS9 from different angles is an exciting experience. The rounded end gradually evolves into the oval shape of the push button, while its surfaces are mixed – with matt body surfaces clip and button are polished, with a frosted body transparent. The asymmetric connection between the clip and the body surface creates a tension with the otherwise minimalist use of form. The carefully tailored colour palette ranges from classical to bold, from material colours to fashionable tones. A galvanised push button is optionally available.

Put a ring on it!

The ring on the push button gives the DS9 an indisputably striking look. The ring is available for matt body surface colours, the ring itself always full-colour polished or transparent. 20 standard colours are available.

Combinations with options such as the satin finish metal tip allow you to design a pen that perfectly complements your brand or advertises your product. It is also possible to mix & match the colours within one surface.


DS9 Tech specs

Refillable push ball pen with high-quality Floating Ball® jumbo refills. 20 exclusive standard colours in frosted and matt. Surface mix: For the frosted body surfaces, the clip and push button are transparent, with a matt body surface full-color polished. Special body surface colours available from 10,000 writing instruments. Ring option with a colored ring integrated into the push button, available in 20 polished and transparent colours – specially for matt body surface colours. Other options: Metal nose cone or push button as well as mix & match colours within one surface. Four print surfaces.



Writing System

Particularly smooth writing feel, clean look on the page and long life thanks to high-quality Floating Ball® jumbo refills with tungsten carbide writing ball in a 1.0 mm nickel silver tip. Effortless, relaxed writing without smudging or blotting. Exchangeable refills.


(frosted) clear, neon yellow, dark red, pink, classic blue, fume, (matt) white, sun, sunset orange, red, fuchsia, raspberry, denim, sky blue, forest, concrete grey, dolphin grey, black, bakelit, leather

Print Areas

Side cap 35 × 4 mm (1,38’’ × 0,16”) 1 colour
Clip 43 × 8 mm (1,70’’ × 0,31”) 5 colours
Back cap 40 × 28 mm (1,58’’ × 1,10’’) 2 colors
Body 40 × 5 mm (1,57” × 0,20”) 1 colour
Image Inlay Animation Inlay


September 21, 2015