Prodir – DS5

Prodir – DS5

DS5 is a futuristic ball pen, a bold style statement featuring an off-centre clip with a large print area. Available in 7 finishes and up to 22 colours. Soft touch ‘rubberised’ casing available. Separate clip cover and metal nose cone available as an optional extra.

Refillable twist ball pen with high-quality Floating Ball® jumbo refills. 39 standard colours in frosted, transparent, matt, polished and varnished. Also available in luxurious Soft Touch. Optional chrome or satin finish metal nose cone. Special body colours available from 10,000 writing instruments. Up to six print surfaces on the version with clip cover. Unique options for inserting image and lenticular inserts into the clip. Mix & match colours within one plastic surface.

Print Areas

Side cap 23 × 5 mm (0,90” × 0,20”) 1 colour
Clip 40 × 7 mm (1,57” × 0,28”) 5 colours
Back cap 23 × 5 mm (0,90” × 0,20”) 1 colour
Body 35 × 30 mm (1,38” × 1,18”) 2 colours
Clip base 35 × 6 mm (1,38” × 0,24”) 5 colours
Clip cover 40 × 7 mm (1,57” × 0,28”) 2 colours
Image Inlay Animation Inlay


(frosted & transparent) clear, yellow, orange, dark red, purple, classic blue, ocean, aqua, lime green, dark green, fume, (matt) white, black, (polished) white, yellow, orange, dark red, blue, cyan blue, black, (varnished matt) mother of pearl, ice blue, steel blue, silver, graphite, black, (varnished polished) silver, (soft touch) black

Writing system

Particularly smooth writing feel, clean look on the page and long life thanks to high-quality Floating Ball® jumbo refills with tungsten carbide writing ball in a 1.0 mm nickel silver tip. Effortless, relaxed writing without smudging or blotting. Exchangeable refills.


September 2, 2015