Prodir DS3 Biotic Ballpen

Prodir DS3 Biotic Ballpen

DS3 Biotic Pen, made from Bioplastic.  The body surface and mechanism of the DS3 Biotic Pen are manufactured from 100% renewable raw materials. For the DS3 Biotic Pen “Sand” this includes polyactide (PLA) and wood-plastic composites (WPC). The complete writing instrument (incl. refill and spring) is up to 80% biodegradable. Please note that bioplastics react more strongly to environmental factors such as heat, light, pressure and moisture. Complies with the EN 13432 standard for the compostability of bioplastics

Prodir writing instruments stand out thanks to their wide acceptance and long useful life. These are both decisive factors for a good ecological footprint. For those looking for an even more environmentally-friendly option, the DS3 is now also available as a biotic pen. The body surface and mechanism are produced using renewable raw materials (PLA) which are 100% biodegradable in line with EN 13432. Including the refill and spring, this ballpoint pen is therefore 80% compostable overall. The writing instruments are also recognisable by virtue of the “Biotic Pen” relief on the side of the cap.

Print Areas

Clip 0 × 8 mm (1,57” × 0,31”) 5 colours
Back cap 25 × 4 mm (0,98” × 0,16”) 1 colour
Body 50 × 25 mm (1,97” × 0,98”) 2 colours


snow, carrot, fire, sea, grass, night, sand

Writing System

Particularly smooth writing feel, clean look on the page and long life thanks to high-quality Floating Ball® jumbo refills with tungsten carbide writing ball in a 1.0 mm nickel silver tip. Effortless, relaxed writing without smudging or blotting. Exchangeable refills.


September 21, 2015